What Is Onewheel Growth?

Nov 12, 2022

I’m writing this portion of my blog as sort of a behind the scenes into what I’m doing and why I’m doing it.

My day job is as a Growth Product Manager at a tech startup, so I find myself all day thinking about growth strategies and ideas and wanting to find a place to implement and test these ideas.

I also started this blog to be helpful.

I found myself googling a bunch of questions related to Onewheel’s and best practices and then it occurred to me that I should be creating content that answers those questions.

My inspirations

I really like YouTube Channels like Corridor Crew from Corridor Digital and The Studio from MKBHD because they are incredibly competent and intelligent people and their day to day work is really interesting.

I don’t think I’m much of a YouTuber (not yet anyway) but I’m a decent writer and I’m a pretty good GPM, so I thought it might be fun to document what I’m doing, the how and they why, especially because there really aren’t any secrets in what I’m doing on this site.

Everything I do from an SEO perspective or from a growth perspective has pretty good documentation and you could learn how to do it.

My students

The other reason I think this will be fun/helpful is because I teach at a local college and I’d love to be able to document projects, products and experiments for my students.

I taught a course on Digital Search Marketing a few months ago and really loved it and the students really liked being able to see my hobby website and we could compare what I was doing for fun to what they were doing in class, it worked out really well.

Family and friends

I somehow always find myself chatting with family and friends about business and different growth opportunities.

Lots of my circles are tech or entrepreneurship so its normal for what I do to come up, everyone wants to grow their business and my specialty is website dev and marketing so I always get asked about adjacent topics.

I figure writing answers to questions I get, or even reporting on books I’m reading or courses I’m studying will provide some value to my family and friends.


So if you find any of this helpful, that’s great!

And if not, that’s ok too. But let me know why, I always want to get better and grow.

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