About Me

Hey, I'm Dan I write, develop, design and do everything here on Onewheel Utah. I got my first Onewheel a few years ago after being persuaded by Wren from Corridor Digital that it was the best device ever, turns out he was right. I work full time as a Growth Product Manager, but I love taking the growth principals I work with every day and applying them to something I love. The result is this website. 

I hope to be able to provide all the resources that I want to find online for the Onewheel community and document what I'm doing and why for those interested in a live example of how to implement growth principles, build a website, start a YouTube channel and all the cool things I get to do on this site. 

I'm a pretty accessible guy, so feel free to reach out and I'll get in touch.

Happy riding, my friends!

-Dan Martin